Abhinav Bindra – How Can India Become A Sporting Nation?

Summary: You can not play a game without involvement - and involvement is the essence of life. And this aspect needs to come into everybody's life. Since 65% of India's population lives in the villages, for India to become a sporting nation - the rural masses have to get involved in sports. Sadhguru requests the senior sports-persons to help bring sport to rural India.

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How to Make India More Sporting?

Abhinav Bindra: Sports are vital to the holistic development of young people, fostering physical, social and emotional health as well as teamwork and sportsmanship. How can we create a movement that will drive the youth of our country towards sport and also make our society more sporting in nature?

Sadhguru: Namaskaram, Abhinav. The best thing about sport is you cannot do it without absolute involvement. The essence of life is in our involvement. Sport demands involvement. You can go to school or college without involvement, you can go to your office without involvement, you can even get married without involvement, but you cannot do sport without involvement – nothing will happen the way you want it.

When you kick or hit a ball, or shoot a bullet, it will not go where you want it to go unless there is absolute involvement. In society, whatever does not happen, you can cover up by blaming someone else. But in sport, it stands out starkly – in your face – that you are responsible for what you are doing.

This is the best aspect of sport. Should this come into our life? Absolutely! How to make sport a part of this nation? For India to be a sporting nation, the 65% of India in the ruralscape has to be involved. For this, we’re conducting Gramotsavam where thousands of villages participate in sport. I request all our senior sportspersons, who have passed their professional sporting life, to help take this to the whole nation and bring sport into rural India.

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