What Is Vishuddhi Chakra?

Summary: Vishuddhi, the 5th Chakra, means a filter. If your Vishuddhi is active, you will filter out all poisons that enter your system. Poison not necessarily in form of what you consume, a wrong thought, a wrong idea, energy, impulse can also poison you. If your energies are in Vishuddhi, you will not be impacted by whatever is happening around you.

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Vishuddhi Chakra – The Power of Blue

Vishuddhi and Occult

Sadhguru: Vishuddhi, or Vishuddha, essentially means filter. If your Vishuddhi is active, it filters everything. Poisons can enter you in many ways – a wrong thought, emotion, idea, energy, or impulse can poison your life. An active Vishuddhi saves you from all these influences. In other words, once your Vishuddhi is active, whatever happens around you will not have an impact on you anymore. You will be established within yourself. And you tend to become a powerful being. We normally skip the Vishuddhi when people do sadhana because one aspect of activating the Vishuddhi is that you become competent in the occult. Vishuddhi is the center of occult. There are two types of occult – Muladhara type of occult and Vishuddhi type of occult. Adiyogi is the master of Vishuddhi occult. That is why his throat has turned blue.

Vishuddhi and Adiyogi

If you have reasonable mastery over your Vishuddhi, you will function on a different level of competence. People around you will think you are super human, though all that has happened is that you have accessed other ways of functioning. In many ways, Adiyogi is a representative of that, so much so that there are many names, such as Vishakantha, Neelakantha, and others, that describe him as an embodiment of Vishuddhi, not because that is the only quality he had, but because people recognized him for those things that were beyond their understanding.

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