Why Should We Fast On Ekadashi?

Summary: If you observe closely, then in a 48 day period, there are 3 days, that your body does not demand food. If you fast on these 3 days, a lot of your health issues will get get handled. These 3 days are different for everyone. Since most people do not have the awareness to know this, ekadashi was fixed for fasting. There are 3 ekadashi (11th day from new moon day), in a 48 day period. Also, the planetary positions are conducive on this day to turn inward, and remaining on an empty stomach helps with that.

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What is Ekadashi and the Significance of Ekadashi Fasting

What is Ekadashi ?

Sadhguru: Ekadashi means the 11th day after the full moon and the 11th day after the new moon. The human physiology goes through a cycle called a mandala, approximately every 40 to 48 days. In this cycle, three specific days, which may be different from person to person and need not come with equal spacing, will arise when the body does not demand food. If you identify those days in your life and not give the body food – because it is not asking – a lot of your health issues will be handled by that simple pattern.

Importance of Ekadashi

This cycle in the system is something that most people can identify if they take away the nonsense of “so many calories, so much protein and so much mineral should be eaten.” If they listen to the body, these three days can be easily identified by most human beings. So it was told that three times in those 48 days, you should not eat. This was said because somebody observed his own system and from that he expressed this. But then people did not have the awareness so they fixed the Ekadashi for not eating. If you look, there are three Ekadashis in 48 days. It goes well.

The possibility of opening the door within is more on this day.

Ekadashi Fasting

The reason is because the planet itself is in a certain state on that day, so if we keep our body light and available, our awareness will turn inward. The possibility of opening the door within is more on that day. If you have a full stomach, and you are unaware and dull, you will not notice it. So to stay alert and also to purify the body, you go without food on that day – you ate dinner the previous day and the next thing you eat is dinner on Ekadashi.

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