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Is wearing orange necessary for spiritual growth?


Monks and Orange have almost become synonyms - so much so that people think wearing Orange is a pre-requisite for walking the spiritual path.  Well, nothing could be farther from truth. The Sanyasis (monks) in India do not wear Orange per se - they color their clothes with the soil (red earth) - giving it brownish/orange hue.  Keeping the body well is important,  so that it does not become an impediment in one's spiritual journey.  Sanyasis wear clothes that are washed in soil because the best way to make the body stable is to be connected to the Earth. Especially for one who is focused on something beyond the body, he does not want his body to come in the way. So this is like covering oneself  by Earth and  being continuously conscious that this body is part of the Earth and is just a temporary outcrop of the planet.  

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