Why should we leave memory aside?

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Sadhguru in conversation at the Harvard Medical School


I’m wondering, one of the things you were asked is, as people are recovering from certain kinds of processes, maybe they’re entering different states of consciousness that science has not yet learned about. I’m wondering if that theory is necessary because we know at the plasticity of the brain, and extraordinary things that the brain can do to recover, functions in different parts as dimensions. That’s one, and maybe that’s a more technical question. I have a larger question for Sadhguru, you spoke very eloquently about memory, intellection, asking us to put those aside, and I’m trying to understand exactly what you mean. Because I haven’t caught it, I’m sorry to say. Because it seems to me those are the unique or extraordinary things about us as human beings. The fact that we have this historical memory going back to Mesopotamia and beyond in India thousands of years ago. And also as individual human beings, an intellection which allows us to build spaceships. So I’m not quite sure how you mean for us to leave those aside or place less value on them?  


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