How can today’s children retain a sense of wonder?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Anupam Kher


I grew up in a lower middle class family, small town. As a child, I had a great sense of wonder about everything. Till today, I have a great sense of wonder. I'm very happy to be talking to you. I don't see that in today's children. I don't see a sense of wonder in today's children. [...] They know everything. They just have to press 'google'. But, information does not necessarily translate into knowledge, at all. And they always say this, 'that’s the way I am'. I don’t see my grandfather, even at the age of 84, said, 'that’s the way I am'. So what is this ‘that’s the way I am’, ‘I’m bored’, ‘dude’, ‘cool’? I think that 'being bad' is 'being cool'. If you say, I’m a good man, he’s a boring man. [...] Breaking news, after every 15 minutes, for millions of channels, is never about good things. It’s only about disaster, rape, swindling of money. We are marketing fear. We are becoming people who are constantly made to feel, suddenly in India also, that we are living in a world which is not very, very peaceful, which is a dangerous world. We are becoming, pardon me saying this, like America, where we don’t look at somebody for a little longer. I was in America 2 years back. I was looking at somebody, thinking whether I should ask him the way to my hotel. Because in my hotel there was a mall. So I went into the mall and then I came out, I could not see my hotel. Because I must have got out from somewhere else. So I was looking at somebody, thinking whether I should ask him where my hotel is. He said, what are you staring at? I, being an actor, I said, am I staring at you sir? I’m sorry. I did not know I was staring at you. Poor fellow actually dropped me to my hotel. What my point is, how does one, in these times, retain a certain amount of innocence? A certain amount of sense of wonder. How does one do that?


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