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2:26 min

If God doesn’t necessarily exist, why do we need gurus?


Let me start with the spiritual. And I hope what you say today is also addressed to the skeptics. I count myself among a skeptic, who if told, that another human being possesses some sort of godly power, I would perhaps, as a first instinct not believe it. But what I find interesting about what you, some of your sayings is captured by Arundhati Subramaniam in this book, is that you’re actually saying that what we experience beyond our five senses, anything that we experience beyond the five senses can be called God, can be called power, or can be called yourself. So if God doesn’t necessarily exist, why do we need gurus? Why do we need Sadhguru?  

2:12 min

Can the material co-exist with the spiritual?


This beginning of this conversation perhaps underlines that you are atypical. You are atypical of what we imagine Gurus to be. We expect people who don’t crack jokes, we expect people who don’t have a zest for life. Somehow, all of our spirituality has traditionally been centered around giving up. Around abstinence of some kind, abstaining from pleasures, from denying creature comforts. Why do you believe that the material can co-exist with the spiritual?  

11:35 min

Is Inner Engineering only for those who believe?


If your technology of Inner Engineering is available to all of us to, in a sense, find strength within ourselves, then does that mean that the atheist and the agnostic and the skeptic, can also embrace spirituality? Is Inner Engineering only for those who believe? Or is it for anyone who asks questions?  

10:40 min

Is human being capable of being a godman?


Tell us a little bit about yourself. One of the things that she has said is that you give great space for descent, you like a good argument. That you’re not one of those dictatorial gurus. But you’re saying that many people who are positioning themselves as gurus are really only elevating themselves and fooling people. But, a very genuine concern, is whether godmen are often conmen. And how does this lady here know the difference between who’s a godman and who’s a conman. And is a human being capable of being a godman? Do you think of yourself as  godman? How do I make a difference between a godman and a conman if I don’t even believe that humans can be godly? I think humans can be great, and strong, and inspiring, but I don’t think they have magical powers.  

4:43 min

How did you discover yoga?


You were 13 when you first, quite accidentally, discovered yoga. Tell us how did you discover yoga?  

4:35 min

Sadhguru, are you a capitalist?


You often spoke about how economic leaders are going to be the future of the world, you’ve been interacting with CEOs. It’s rare to find a spiritual guru who’s also quite openly capitalistic. Are you a capitalist?  

10:32 min

Sadhguru, what is your fascination with motorcycles?


What is it with Sadhguru and motorcycles?  

12:22 min

How do we reconcile faith with individual liberty?


We live in times where faith, for certain, has become a very inflammable, easily politicized conversation. If faith should have been personal, today it’s not. Today you actually have decisions taken in the name of somebody’s faith. So you mentioned food right now. I remember that you said somewhere, that there’s nothing religious about the act of food, just eat what you like. Okay, I correct myself. Eat what’s good for you. But today we have a highly politicized conversation around banning beef in the name of faith. How do you reconcile the faith of a large number of people with questions of individual liberty? I know, I’ve read that you like books written by Salman Rushdie, we were the first country to ban him, again in the name of faith. How do we reconcile faith with individual liberty?  

10:14 min

How do we keep faith separate from politics?


How do we keep faith separate from politics? You have, in the past, for example, I remember when Anna Hazare was launching his anti-corruption movement, you did come and applaud it but you said that the Lokpal was not some magic wand. I remember you saying that. Do you believe that we are seeing the dangerous cocktail of faith and politics getting more and more mixed up?  

2:57 min

Intensity versus dhyana


Sadhguru, in one of your videos, you say that the problem with the world is that most people lack the intensity. Most people lack the necessary intensity. And then you say the way is dhyana. So intensity is more associated with fierceness and personality and dhyana is more associated with calmness. So they’re somehow counter-intuitive. Can you elaborate a little?  

2:20 min

Is it more important to see externally or internally?


What I get from Isha’s philosophy, if I may say there is, is that you need to see internally. You need to fix it internally before fixing your external situation. But is it also not right, is it also not very important to do the right thing externally?  

3:21 min

What will happen if everybody works according to their good and bad?


Namaskaram Sadhguru. I just want to ask you that everybody’s perception of good and bad is different. And, what do you think, if we start manifesting our own good and bad, what will be the state of the society?  

3:24 min

Have our lives been overtaken by gadgets?


You said you love machines. Okay, you like them. Have our lives been overtaken by gadgets?