Is human being capable of being a godman?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Barkha Dutt


Tell us a little bit about yourself. One of the things that she has said is that you give great space for descent, you like a good argument. That you’re not one of those dictatorial gurus. But you’re saying that many people who are positioning themselves as gurus are really only elevating themselves and fooling people. But, a very genuine concern, is whether godmen are often conmen. And how does this lady here know the difference between who’s a godman and who’s a conman. And is a human being capable of being a godman? Do you think of yourself as  godman? How do I make a difference between a godman and a conman if I don’t even believe that humans can be godly? I think humans can be great, and strong, and inspiring, but I don’t think they have magical powers.  


Duration: 10:40 min