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3:28 min

Sadhguru, what was the influence of Adiyogi in shaping your path of enlightenment?


Your life has really mesmerized billions, the collage is so colourful. And we would like to know more about it. Specially the influence of Adiyogi, in shaping your entire being towards becoming an enlightened yogi.  

8:19 min

How to have a balance between the commitment to the borders and to the family?


How to have a balance between extreme conditions and family? How to have a balance between the commitment to the borders and the commitment to the family? How do we deal with all this stress?  

10:24 min

How to deal with death?


Sadhguru, I’ve heard in your talks, and read in your books that you talk a lot about death. You have even experienced it. When we are at the border, we also see and experience death. So how is it similar or different? And how do we deal with it?  

9:24 min

How do we change the mindset of people in our society so that they accept women?


Sadhguru, as we all know, in our society, women are stepping up. They are becoming equal to men by working as well. However, our society is not accepting women. Nobody is accepting that women are doing the same amount of work as men. How do we change the mindset of men, parents, and everyone else in the society?  

2:59 min

Sadhguru, did you want to join the army?


It is believed that you wanted to join the army? So what happened? From becoming a fauji you became a yogi?  

3:11 min

How to develop an appetite for knowledge?


Pranam Sadhguru. My name is Ashok. In the beginning you mentioned that we can bring chemical balance, if not mental balance, through intellectual and spiritual education. I would just like to mention that years ago, I heard one of your discourses in Sathya Sai International Auditorium. There you gave an example of a guru and a donkey. That was regarding how to develop an appetite for knowledge. Now, here also, if we have to give this intellectual and spiritual education to groups. And we want them to digest it and they should have an appetite for it. So what is the recipe or the formula, so that we develop the appetite in them? They get it and they achieve chemical balance within themselves.  

12:05 min

Is education the cause for a varied perception of tolerance and intolerance?


Pranam Sadhguru. I’m Srinavas. Everybody is aware about the debate on tolerance and intolerance. The concept of intolerance is growing mostly among the public or the well-educated, that too from well known institutes. I never find the concept of tolerance and intolerance among the lot like BSF, who are suffering more toughness in life, more controversies, and more difficulties. Is education the cause for this varied perception of tolerance and intolerance? Or is this education wrong?  

2:49 min

Why do we have war?


We are all love deep inside. Then why do we have war guruji?  

7:09 min

Can we choose and change the course of our destiny?


Guruji, I followed your interviews on youtube and they are an immense source of guidance and strength. My question to you today is, can we choose and change the course of our destiny? Or are we captives in a pre chartered path? If yes, how?  

3:30 min

Are we living in a world of dishonesty?


Pranam. Post-truth era. Are we living in a world of dishonesty? These days there are many confusing statements.   

2:19 min

How to fight on the border without anger?


We often talk about anger management, anger control. But if our soldiers don’t show their anger, how are they going to fight wars on the border?  

4:23 min

How to unlearn?


Guruji, how to unlearn? I mean, we have several reactions at our inner level, which are required to be unlearned. Like, when I go home from my office, or from the border, my family members come to know if my day was bad or good. At inner level, how to unlearn reactions?  

10:09 min

How to overcome stress?


You had been talking about developing an equanimous mind. That made me think about the daily life of a border person. A border man is under constant stress on the border. His life is constantly in danger, he’s separated from his family, living conditions are harsh, the weather is very unpredictable. So he has been in lots of problems like this. There are a few incidents of suicide also. Normally the border security won’t, but in the armed security forces. The question is, how does one, under the influence of such forces, develop an equanimous mind, or in other words, can you give a couple of tips for the border men on how to overcome stress in their daily life?