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Sadhguru in conversation with Deepak Chopra


They say, look you have to look at the world through a different prism. You have to change your whole prism through which you view your own life, is a broad theme. The second broad theme is that if you were able to do that, you will have unmeasurable benefits for the body. Dr. Chopra is an expert in talking about the body, and Sadhguru, as well for the mind because how you experience life is who you are. And then that creates a ripple effect because it makes you good people and then you can create a good planet. So that’s theme number two. And then theme number three is, to do that, you have to do a whole lot of things. This is not just something that happens easily. You have to go through a lot of rigorous discipline and you need science and technology to get there essentially. And that science and technology comes from yoga, different forms of yoga, different forms of inner engineering and self-inquiry, self-knowledge, self-discipline. So there’s many, many things. So these are the broad themes. Has your own thinking changed? You both have been talking about variations of this topic for a very long time. Could you just tell us, has that changed a lot?  


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