Is anger good if it’s at the injustice of the world?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Dr Ben Dolittle


I actually want to talk about being a prophet. Let’s go there. Because one of the things about being mindful of the inner life. So, I wouldn’t say you’re a prophet. I’m talking about the Judail Christian tradition of prophecy. So, in the Hebrew bible, in the old testament, there is the role of those who speak truth to power. Who speak out against injustice. Who sacrifice themselves for a cause because of injustice. And in that narrative, there is anger. There is rage. And there are significant groups of people in the world, in our country, who have due cause to be angry about the world. The refugee, the ethnic minority, the poor. And one thing about inner engineering and, sort of, finding peace within oneself. The other side of that coin is, you know what? Is there ever a time to be angry? To march. To be in rage at the injustice of the world. What would you say to that?  


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