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Juhi Chawla

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Juhi Chawla is an Indian actress, film producer and entrepreneur. After winning the 1984 Miss India beauty pageant, she established herself as one of the leading actresses of Hindi cinema from the late 1980s through the early 2000s. In this lively 'in conversation with the mystic', she discusses many aspects of life, love, relationships and parenting ...


11:02 min

Sadhguru, how was your childhood?


I’m fascinated and I want to know about your life. And I’d like to know, that, were you just born brilliant? Did it begin from that very moment? I’m from the movies, and I can’t help thinking, was it like it is in story books? A vulnerable sage came to your home, and when he looked at your mother he said, there is going to be born a guru. Rejoice. He will lighten his own path, and that of others. No, but was it like that? Or, how was it? How was your childhood?  

5:56 min

Should love be unconditional or conditional?


Sadhguru, you just mentioned love. And today it is about life and love. And I would like to know, for us it is, maybe love your family members, whoever it could be. Why I ask you this is, because there’s so many versions of this and I really want to get to it. Some teachers, some gurus, some guides, will say, you know, you can love but you must be detached. You must love but it cannot be conditional, it should be unconditional. So there’s different versions of it. I just want to know.  

5:32 min

Is love inclusiveness?


Is love inclusiveness? I can’t understand how I can love everybody in this room. So how do you include everybody in your love?  

6:03 min

How to become loving?


Sadhguru, you said something about health. And you said, you do certain things for yourself. One, you’re given health, and then it is how you maintain it is, you eat well, you exercise, and then you remain healthy. Now, to be loving, maybe in a household, any situation, maybe outside. Like you said, outside forces are not pleasant. It doesn’t come easily, to then, just be loving. So, what is the practice? To become that way, or to train yourself to be that way.  

8:34 min

Are we all special?


Sadhguru, when you said about the common person and the special person. I know some teachers have always told us, and why your parents always tell you, that you know, you are special. Each one of us is unique. I remember this part, I’m not sure whether I heard it at your discourse, or in a DVD of yours, it was about people being special and us always thinking that god knows of us. And you said something like, do you know all the grasshoppers in your garden? So, of course all of us said no. So, you said something like, how does god know each of you then? And I was devastated. Because I always thought somebody up there knows me and I’m special. I’ve been told since I was a kid, you're special, you’re unique, and god cares about you.  

4:36 min

Is it good that women are becoming financially independent?


Today, many women in our modern society are stepping out and having a career. And, I’d just like to know, what do you think of this. Of women stepping out, being career people, managing home as well, being financially independent. Is this good?  

13:19 min

Films’ influence on the youth


Years ago, when films started, through the 60s, 70s, there were lovely stories, nice values, beautiful music and lyrics. By the time I was a star in movies, some of our jhatka makas might have shocked the previous generations and they must have said, what is all this. But we were still in limits. And then now, today the complexion of films, the kind of films we see. You know, it’s, it’s little-clothed, it’s live-in relationships are up there for everybody to see, night club culture. I mean it sometimes worries me, that my children are growing up now, this is what they’re seeing, these are the kind of songs that they’re listening to. So this is what they’re watching, this is what they think is cool, this is the hip and happening stuff. India has the youngest population in the world right now. So with such a young nation growing up on this, this is what you see, this is what you hear. I’m just a little concerned as to what they will turn out to be.  

7:39 min

How to live consciously?


So, for all of us, give us in clear, simple sentences, do this, and you will be at least on the way to be blissful or happy or aware or living in a nice, conscious way.  

6:52 min

Where do we draw a line between loving unconditionally and becoming a doormat?


Where and how do we draw a line between loving unconditionally and becoming a doormat?  

3:38 min

How can we reinforce the real feeling of love?


In this materialistic age, the real feeling of love is disappearing from our life. Most of the love we receive from others, and express to others, is superficial. How can we reinforce the real feeling of love in our own life and in others?  

6:30 min

Why is it that today many youngsters don’t want to get married?


Today, many youngsters don’t want to marry. And few of them who marry, there are occasions where they are getting divorced. So, would you like to throw some light on this situation?  

5:41 min

What does ‘aesthetics of life’ mean?


You mentioned survival and you talked about aesthetics of life. I would request you to elaborate on aesthetics of life. And my second question is for my friend. She asked me to do so, so I’m asking. What is the purpose of this universe?