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Sadhguru in conversation with Juhi Chawla


Years ago, when films started, through the 60s, 70s, there were lovely stories, nice values, beautiful music and lyrics. By the time I was a star in movies, some of our jhatka makas might have shocked the previous generations and they must have said, what is all this. But we were still in limits. And then now, today the complexion of films, the kind of films we see. You know, it’s, it’s little-clothed, it’s live-in relationships are up there for everybody to see, night club culture. I mean it sometimes worries me, that my children are growing up now, this is what they’re seeing, these are the kind of songs that they’re listening to. So this is what they’re watching, this is what they think is cool, this is the hip and happening stuff. India has the youngest population in the world right now. So with such a young nation growing up on this, this is what you see, this is what you hear. I’m just a little concerned as to what they will turn out to be.  


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