What advice would you give to young people courting?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Julie Gichuru


So, I’m bringing us back, for a moment, to family Sadhguru. And one of the things that is happening in Kenya, with much of our young society, is that we have a lot of single families. How many single parent families? How many people are aware of this happening in society today? Lot of women are left with the burden of bringing up children and struggling through. And it’s really very sad. I remember, I’m looking back at when I first got married. And you know, you get very few lessons on marriage. You kind of get in and you have to figure it out right? And in many ways it took some time to understand exactly what you’ve told us. When you know unconditional love comes from your partner, everything is solved. And so you put that first, and you build up and you build up. Lot of young families seem to be going in without the tools to get through those really difficult and tough times. Sometimes they don’t even get to the point of marriage and family. What advice would you give young people courting? Or young people in a situation where they feel alone and abandoned. And they’re wondering what’s gone wrong. How do I get it right the next time, maybe?   


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