What happens if you learn yoga from an inexperienced teacher?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Julie Gichuru


My question is about yoga and of course, ahead of international yoga day, we’re very privileged to have you here in Nairobi. My question is about the benefits of yoga which everybody talks about. And everybody knows that yoga has great benefits for inner well-being, as well as the external. However, in Nairobi, with all due respect to certain people who are in the craft, I notice that housewives overnight turn into yoga gurus because they watch some DVDs, they watch a few programmes on TV and then decide to start teaching yoga. And that is, of course, a big concern because people do understand the benefits of yoga. But they don’t understand that if you’re going to be training under somebody who’s not quite qualified in the craft what are the disadvantages. So I’d possibly please request you to highlight what are the disadvantages of practicing with, I’m sorry the term may seem harsh, but a quack yoga teacher would be?  


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