How to balance work and family?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Julie Gichuru


In the beginning of the discussion, you stated that we are so busy in doing things that don’t matter. Actually, it should not matter. And we forget to enjoy life. Now when I look at myself. It has been almost 15 years, or a little more in this profession. And we, as professionals, probably say for example, I’m into the FMCG sector, and I'm creating a brand. To create how my product should look, I actually enjoy it. I enjoy the creativity in the product, in its distribution system, innovation that we bring into the business. And sometimes it takes more than 10 hours, or 12 hours, in a day. Now for somebody, including some members of my family, probably that’s something that should not matter. Or probably I’m in a mad rush. But no, I'm enjoying it. Now my dilemma is, where to draw a line?  


Duration: 7:26 min

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