What has yoga and spirituality given us as a country?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Kangana Ranaut


That brings me to a question about our roots ingrained in yoga, and spirituality. But where has it got us? As a nation. As a country. As a continent. What has it given us? I know what you say about karma bondage and I quote you, if somebody breaks your leg, don’t go after that person’s leg. Fix your leg and go your way. I understand, that sounds fantastic. But, if somebody breaks your leg and you go your way, somebody again comes and breaks your leg. What do you do? No, you’re literally taking it. But tell me, don’t we have a history of thousand years of invasion after invasion. And didn't we grow up hearing this from our mothers, that if somebody rubs you the wrong way, the only thing that they say is, bhagvan dekh raha hai. What? I mean, we as a land, I don’t know much about history, but this much I know that we as a land, we’ve not. And thanks to our spiritual education, we have never gone to invade a continent or gone for a conquest like that. But where has it got us? Where has it landed us? So why not imitate the West?


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