Is it dangerous to strongly identify with your country?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Kangana Ranaut


So, Sadhguru, talking about spirituality and like I questioned how practical is it in today’s world? Where as like the whole philosophy of spirituality. I know yoga is the ultimate union and everything that we do in yoga is supposed to make us inclusive. So it is supposed to make us inclusive of our environment, and then further expanding that, our country, our countrymen, and then the planet, and then the cosmos, and it goes on. But, my question is, I want to present an example. I was in London, you know what happens to you when you’re in a beautiful city with good infrastructure, you’re with a couple of friends. And, Indian friends, they’re always cursing India. This is so great, where we live is a piece of garbage. You know, with all that I felt so overwhelmed. I couldn’t wait to get to my room and when I got there, I was crying. I found myself crying. And I was muttering something that what do you expect? And why don’t they have sympathy for their own land? And then I realized that identifying like that, with your country, today I’m crying, tomorrow I might just punch somebody. And everybody will behave in their own way. So, this kind of identification with your environment, with your country, with your religion, with your family, is the root cause of all atrocities. So isn’t that kind of dangerous? Now, don’t tell me, be inclusive, but still not be inclusive. How can you be inclusive and yet not be inclusive. If you’re inclusive, you’re inclusive. Or you don’t be inclusive.


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