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Sadhguru in conversation with Kangana Ranaut


I personally feel that this whole dichotomy of what’s happening in today’s society and today’s world, that we are individuals and we need to be organized as well. But what we face everyday is something completely different. I mean, I’ll tell you, for me it’s very conflicting. Like I’m working on a martyr’s biopic, where there is a scene, the protagonist, Laxmi Bai, she goes and she saves a calf. So my crew had a huge discussion. We halted the shoot and we’re like, she can’t save a calf. It has to be a lamb because we don’t want to look like cow savers. So my point is that when such a prejudice strikes, as a person you feel very protective of who you are and what your values are. And you want to save all animals, why just cows? But you definitely want to save the cow for sure because the prejudice is really agonizing. But, a lynching for cow takes place and you look like an idiot. And then you jump to the other side which has always been criticizing and never wants to be protecting cows. And you’re like, these people look sensible and these are so called liberals. The literal meaning, the dictionary meaning of liberals is people who have acceptance for people, opinions, thoughts. So these liberals, they will not take you in their group unless you hate the same people as they do. So, one thing it’s fine. If it’s for the betterment of the country, you don’t mind hating BJP. You don’t mind believing that everything that has been done by Amit Shah is fine. But, what I don’t get is, what is their agenda and plan of action for bringing this country out of the pit? So, when a war breaks, liberals are the one to say, from my industry people say, why should we be bothered by war, we’re artists. To demotivate an army man who is on the border protecting you. Rape takes place in Kashmir and they say, Hindustan raped our daughter. To be pointing fingers at each other when the country is so vulnerable, and trying to break a civil war? Is that what liberals do? And you’re like, wait a minute, the most sensible thing is to be a sceptic. But a sceptic is nothing but us face the dead. So right now, we need a definite direction to go in. We cannot be stuck in the unfortunate loop of, to be or not to be, to be or not to be. So what to do?


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