What should be done about refugees?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Kangana Ranaut


These days, the common discussion which is going on is about the refugees. And we being celebrities, we get these questions asked. And this is the most conflicting question ever. Because as a nation, being a part of this country, and knowing so many of us don’t even have access to food, education, electricity. Absorbing more people into our population clearly isn’t a good idea, but denying those people seems even worse. So again, where does spirituality come here? What part does it play? And what happens to inclusiveness when such a thing happens? I clearly know that this is the worst thing to do. Because they’re coming in millions and millions and millions where our own are starving. So it’s like saying that I let my own child die but I save the neighbour’s. So what sort of negotiation is that?


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