Are we operated by outside beings?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Kangana Ranaut


So all the enlightened people. I’ve heard about many. Like you know, say Krishna, or Mohammed, or Ram, or Christ, Buddha. You know, all the enlightened people, who’ve been on this planet, there’s some sort of mention of their birth or death. But, when it comes to Shiva, like you say, and I’ve read, that he was self created. And, I often ask you this question, that did he disappear into thin air? And apparently, something like that happened. He couldn’t even have biological children with any of the women he was married to. There is a theory that Shiva is alien. There is this theory that everything that humans encounter, whether it’s an idea, it’s a thought, it’s anything. Anything that they encounter, it’s been transmitted into them through an outer space, an outer being. My favourite director, Christopher Nolan, made this film Interstellar, which is one of my favourite films. Where they are constantly referring to certain beings as ‘they’. They are communicating, they are talking to us, they are doing this, but they never really clarified who ‘they’ were. Were they aliens? Were they gods? Who were they? And, I’ve felt it. When any creative idea comes to me, it has absolutely no intellectual grounds where I can go back and track it down. It’s like mail dropped in my head. It seems like it’s from outside space. I know it’s a confession, but is it that we’re operated by outside beings? Is it that?


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