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Sadhguru in conversation with Kangana Ranaut


Namaskaram Sadhguru. I would like to bow down with all my knowledge and all my ignorance and how much you mean to me. So my question is very simple. Whenever I go to watch a movie, I’m given a place and I can see the screen in front of me and the voice coming from somewhere and I understand where I am. But when it comes to my life, I don’t know where I see things, where I hear things. Every night when I go to sleep, I don’t know where I vanish, where I come back from. Something within me is seeing past all these experiences that I have in my life. Having seen it, I can’t figure out where I am. I can’t understand what’s happening. I can see everything, I can feel everything. Whenever my hands get burnt, I understand this feeling, but I don’t understand where it happens. Whenever I do my practices, I can’t figure out where I am Sadhguru.


Duration: 5:31 min

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