What will you say to people who are desperate for any sign of hope?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Karan Johar


I was at a crossroad about 13 years ago. And my father was very critically ill. And at that juncture of my life, and before that, religion was organized in my life. It was what was taught to me. It was what I thought the right thing to do was. When he was in his last stage, there were things suggested to me. Which were, to me now, completely ridiculous. Including going to a certain temple and feeding a cow of a certain colour. And doing a certain ritual at home. And all those things that one did without even thinking. Because as you said, when you spoke about the idiots on this planet, I was definitely one of those in that stage of my life. But sometimes you reach a critical stage where you seek any kind of desperate measure and you try to hold onto any hope. That even something that is advocated to you that goes against your train of intelligence or thought. To those people, what is your advice? Who have reached the end of the rope, and are hanging on, holding on to anything. Be it religion, be it spiritual, or be it an unfounded piece of advice.


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