Why is there a distance between the father and the son?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Karan Johar


Which is what you said, to draw from within. To find your solutions. Because the most exciting line that I read was that, you know, life can’t touch you, can’t scratch you. It can’t harm you. You create your own energy in your own life. You’re in this universe, you’ve been brought into this world and it’s in your control what you do with it. Life has nothing against you. What you achieve and what you do is a result of your own actions, your feelings, the pleasantness that you create within yourself. Which to me was a very moving line because it simplified a very extensive and expansive feeling of anxiety, fear, and all the turbulence that humanity goes through on a daily basis. To me, three pillars of our existence are family, fortune, and farishta, which is what I believe is a result of god, religion, everything else. When we talk about family Sadhguru, there are few things that have always intrigued me. And I seek answers, or rather, validation from a higher energy, such as yourself. It’s like, I’ve always questioned why there’s an organic distance between a father and son. Why there’s always that angst in that relationship. And I’m sure there are many in this house that have experienced that emotion in their own homes and their own environment. Where do you think the origin of that distance came?


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