How to deal with mental health issues?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Karan Johar


What I believe surrounds us all is urban angst. That seems to be the terminology that comes out of mental health solutions, etc. And that seems to be trampened in many parts of the world now, including now slowly penetrating in India. When people deal with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. And those kinds of people seek certain chemical imbalance issues that are told to them. I really want to know, it’s such an order of the day today, I feel like it’s talked about like it’s a fashionable issue. But I think it’s a very serious issue when people talk about mental health issues like depression and anxiety and seek counselling to sort those issues out. And then the diagnosis at times is chemical imbalance and medication is given. I know you hate the word philosophy, but all your teachings are definitely about finding yourself and seeking that pleasantness from within. But to those who are not strong enough to achieve that and seek this assistance, what is your take on that?


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