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Sadhguru in conversation with Karan Johar


It’s integral for me to share that the last week that I spent reading about you and hearing everything that you had to say. So many people questioned you, including Juhi who’s in the house. It’s been exhilarating, it’s been enlightening. More than anything else, I think it gave me a certain sense of understanding about where I am. Being at a crossroad of my life, emotionally, and also now as a new-found parent. I read some of what you had to say about even parenting. To me it was extremely enlightening to read that not to nurture the do’s and don’ts so strongly on your child. We all have theories of parenting. But I think just what I imbibed from what you had to say is, if I’m strong-willed and I exude a certain amount of pleasantness and I give out the right amount of energy, my children will emulate that, imbibe that. And I don’t have to constantly force feed that knowledge on them. They will imbibe it from my energy source anyways. That is what I drew. Am I right?


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