Where do I learn disciplined yoga that will help me achieve my goals?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Karan Johar


So my question is, I would like to space dive. It’s basically going all the way up to space and diving from there. And the thing is, I’ve knocked on a 100 doors only to be turned down every single time. Even ISRO turned me down saying they don’t have enough funds. Space dive is important because India has gone leaps and bounds forward in space technology. But in human space technology, it’s way back. My question to you, Sadhguru, is my biggest weakness is I like to live in danger. My question to you, Sadhguru, is where do I find an organization that will help me with the disciplined yoga and meditation that will help me with this? And, where do I find a person, most preferably a movie director, who will fund this project. Understand the importance of this project. That India needs a human space program. Fund it and make a movie out of it, which has less drama, less songs, and more of how a person struggles to get a mission accomplished.


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