Sadhguru, how do you have so much clarity?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw


When I think about the word mystic, and of course you are a mystic, and yet when I listen to you, I can't help but feel that you have so effectively demystified so many complex issues for all of us. You simplify everything. And, to me that is really really something that speaks of your wisdom. So, when I think about the complex lives that we live in, the kind of complexity, and maybe we make things more complex than they should be. I just, you know, can't help but ask you, how do you basically cut through all this noise. How do you have this clarity of thought and word, that we all listen to and suddenly feel, 'oh god, it's so simple', 'it's so commonsense, why didn't we think of it this way?' And my question to you, guruji, is how do you, you know, help us to cut through that noise? To gain that clarity and to find answers to these problems or complex situations that are there, or maybe we create. To really make us better people? Can you share with us those secrets, those guidelines? Or, you know, those small, simple formulae that we can use in our lives. Or is it making things too simplistic?


Duration: 5:40 min

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