Is gene editing good or bad?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw


So, now let's come to a much more scary aspect of biotechnology. So, I am not only going to talk about the good things of biotechnology. It's about designed babies, ok. Now, if you think about it, the whole thought of a designer baby is scary. But, if you think about saying, ok, I can actually make sure that the same case that I talked about, that you know, you are in this moral quandry about giving birth to a child with a genetic defect. But yet, you can have, you know, gene editing technology to fix that genetic defect and actually give birth to a normal child. So there’s a good side of designer babies but there’s also a very scary side of designer babies because, like you said, human beings don’t necessarily know where to stop. And you might want to have this superhumans, with the highest IQ. You know this has been done even Hitler's time. I think they tried to, they tried to develop these superhumans. Through various their experimental, nasty and horrific experiments. But that can also happen today. And, whilst you will have people who will be able to do this, maybe some countries will say, why don't we indulge in these kind of technoligies to create a super race in our country. How to deal with this?


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