How much time do we really have?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Matthew Hayden


Sadhguru, my question is about boundlessness. Earlier today you mentioned that there is something within us that is seeking to express in different ways and it comes as different forms. Every morning when I get up, there are always two voices at least, and while I know that, I’m sorry. One of the things that you said is, ultimately you’ll have to come to yoga because you’ve tried everything. Every morning when I get up, I find that there’s these two voices that say you have time, and sometimes it says you don’t have time. So, Sadhguru, I think my question to you after knowing you for a bit, and also you’ve been talking about life continuing in death. The question, I suppose is, how much time do we really have? And, of course, why isn’t it there in my experience? Because every morning when I get up, I’m like ya, I’ve got time and I can get to yoga one day or the other. And still be able to make it. But, the reality seems to be that, you know, there is not much time.  


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