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Piyush Pandey

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7:27 min

How to manage time?


You probably are the biggest multitasker that I have met in my life. You are into sharing wonderful things with people, millions of people. And you find the time to play golf. And you ride a motorcycle like a champion. You own a helicopter. You do a lot of stuff in ecosystems with your greenhands. I don’t know what all you do. How do you manage your time?   

11:42 min

Bias against skilled workers


In our society, there is a bias towards skill, against skill. We try and believe that being a babu in a railway station is probably a better job than being a retail employee. And Nagesh said that, some of the people think that the moment a girl’s father gets to know that the prospective boy works in a shop, he says, “Humko toh ladki hee nahi milti hai.” There is a bias against skill. I think that’s a huge need of the country at this point of time. And I heard that the principal secretary of skills of Maharashtra is here. People are here. I think there are two things that come to my mind - one, is the way society looks at skills in a bit derogatory fashion, and two is, the self-respect of a skilled worker. I personally believe that if you are confident about yourself, the world will change itself. I would like you to comment on this because it’s very relevant to some very hardworking people here. That they get the respect in society and they learn to self-respect themselves in the years ahead of us.  

2:26 min

How do you handle loyalties and beliefs?


A lot of these people work in huge outlets. How do you handle loyalties and beliefs?  

9:41 min

What is the role of service?


As you said earlier, it is what the other person thinks of you not what you think of yourself. What is it that you would like to share with the people out here about the role of service? And equate it to the meaning of service in our lives.  

10:20 min

How to inspire people?


If you would like, how do you inspire your people? Because they are the leaders of tomorrow. The more we have, the better off we’ll be. Any tips that you would like to share with people out here as to how a team is made from beyond being a great individual player.  

10:42 min

Where is the human being’s user manual?


Pranam Sadhguru, You’ve been saying this for a while and I’ve been listening to you for a long time. The eye is more powerful than the iPhone. And the iPhone in the box comes with a user’s manual. And you’ve also said a lot of times that you’ve not read the user’s manual. So where is the human being’s user’s manual? Because iPhones come with the user’s manual in the box, then how do you find my user manual?  

4:50 min

What is the importance of a guru to get to the ultimate goal?


The question here is, to get to the ultimate goal, the importance of a guru, in the real sense of the word. Is that absolutely critical or can you find it on your own?