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Sadhguru in conversation with Piyush Pandey


In our society, there is a bias towards skill, against skill. We try and believe that being a babu in a railway station is probably a better job than being a retail employee. And Nagesh said that, some of the people think that the moment a girl’s father gets to know that the prospective boy works in a shop, he says, “Humko toh ladki hee nahi milti hai.” There is a bias against skill. I think that’s a huge need of the country at this point of time. And I heard that the principal secretary of skills of Maharashtra is here. People are here. I think there are two things that come to my mind - one, is the way society looks at skills in a bit derogatory fashion, and two is, the self-respect of a skilled worker. I personally believe that if you are confident about yourself, the world will change itself. I would like you to comment on this because it’s very relevant to some very hardworking people here. That they get the respect in society and they learn to self-respect themselves in the years ahead of us.  


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