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8:31 min

Sadhguru’s thoughts on Kashi


You must have thought a lot about this place. Does it match up to what you thought?

9:42 min

Are asanas a form of greed?


My question is about asanas. It’s my point of view. I mean, maybe I’m completely wrong. But I feel there is too much greed in that, to learn from other animals. You know, why a snake is doing like this, why are you doing it like a dog, why are you doing it like a lion. Everything you want to learn from animals. Anybody has anything, I want to get the best of it. Is it greed?

10:08 min

Is being reborn a curse?


On one hand we say that, you know, this is just a change of clothes. But why do people glorify death so much when they come to Kashi? Why do we need so many rituals around death? Second thing is, what is this ‘moksha’? What is ‘mukti’? Isn’t it against life? Re-birth, everything. Isn’t it that we are glorifying death far too much? And ultimate death in Kashi, which is mukti. Does it mean we are against life? Do we think that being reborn is a curse?

7:54 min

What is death?


What is exactly death? Is it the decaying of the body? Or the dying of the body is death? On one hand my body is dying and my thoughts, my ideas are becoming something which the world suppose, embraces. And they live without me. So would you call it death? What would you define death as?

5:07 min



People find, for example what happens in Benaras, things like aghoris. Some people, foreigners when they talk to me, they also find that insanity. They think, what is this? I mean, like, you know, people are going and doing bizarre things. You know, eating dead bodies. Or, you know, experimenting with various other things. It’s something which, I think, for everyone it’ll be good if you could explain.

7:10 min

What is the contribution of an aghori to our society?


What is the contribution of an aghori to our society? To the human kind. What have they done for us? I mean, if you talk about science, I can say, yes those monkeys which have been used, ultimately have got some medicines, have got some certain things with which you can fight diseases. But what has an aghori given to the world? Which they should be proud of and we should give them a sanction to do things which a human being does not find palatable.

7:12 min

Why do we fear death?


Sadhguru, I wanted to ask you about why do humans have the fear of death? So much. Either you’ve got fear of death or you glorify someone who dies. I mean look at the world, rockstars dying early becomes a virtue. You know, you become a star because of it. So what is it that makes us so uncomfortable and not at ease with death?

9:34 min

What is Saptarishi puja?


You are here in Kashi and you said that this is the first time you’ve come here properly. And you’ve done Saptarishi puja here. What is that? I was wanting to know.