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Rakul Preet Singh

Rakul Preet Singh

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11:58 min

Does my past life determine my present life?


I was told that my topic, or what we talk about today is mission life. And, when I think of life, the first thing that comes to my mind is that life begins right in the womb of a mother. And, each one of us takes birth in different kinds of families. Some, poor, some very rich families. And they say that it is the past life that determines that. So, what is that? What is your view on past life? And, is it possible for every person to get to know what their past was?  

7:12 min

Is karma limited to only poor people?


Karma is something that’s always been a very intriguing factor for me. Because you say, what goes around comes around, and then your karma comes right in front of you. Still, I always feel that in a country like ours, there is so much that people get away with. In terms of corruption, in terms of crime, or power takes over. Where does karma come in? Is karma limited to only poor people? And, it doesn’t apply for the rich? Or the powerful?  

12:10 min

How do you design your destiny?


Coming to intention, you know, you say that your thought is something that when you give it out to the universe. Like the law of attraction. So it just makes me curious about these things. When you say the law of attraction, where you ask, believe, and receive. Anything that is sent out to the universe in a positive direction or in a constant direction, happens. Because they say you design your destiny, you design your life. Like you just happened to say that your conscious efforts can have control over your life. Now, coming to intentions. Now what if someone is sending out positive signals, they want their life to be a certain way. Great. How does the law of attraction work? Does it really work? So what works? How do you design your destiny? Why do they say that you can design your own destiny?  

11:19 min

Can a negative energy harm a positive energy?


In today’s competitive world. Or where people really think that you need to, you know, there’s cut throat competition. And you’re working towards it. And then there’s negativity. And say if someone is, for example, I’ll take an example of myself. I believe in completely just working towards your goal and being positive about it and not looking around on what’s happening, or what people are doing. So, there’s a certain positive energy that you are surrounded with. Does negative energy really affect a positive energy? Like, you know people talk about evil eye, or drishti, that in our Indian culture is so much. I personally don’t believe it, but you know, you hear from people that if you’ve done a good job, there’s drishti. You know, you should come and do this pooja and there are rituals that are followed. So, can a negative energy harm a positive energy?  

8:50 min

Does astrology work?


My next question is about astrology. Does it really exist? To what percent is it actually true? Can people really tell your future? Because I’m somebody, if somebody says you can’t do this, and I really want to do that, I’m like hell yeah I’m going to change it and I’m going to be able to do it. Whether it’s my work, or my workspace, or whatever. So how much of astrology is true? How much of your future can people predict? Is it true that we’re born with a certain life that people predict?  

9:49 min

Step 1 for everyone to start feeling that life is beautiful


Whenever I’m talking to you, or listening to your speeches, or following you. It feels like life is really simple, you know. And it’s beautiful, it’s full of love everywhere. We are love, things around us have life. But, how difficult is it for people to understand that life is simple? And why do you think the smallest of the things have been complicated by the human race so much? Be it relationships, be it marriages, be it love, be it work. There’s just so many superficial things overcoating it. And people are just missing out on small joys of life. And they just don’t live life the way it’s supposed to be. What is it that you would say, would be step 1 for everyone to start at least looking into that direction of feeling that life is beautiful?  

6:45 min

How to touch the peak of my life constantly?


Sometimes my longing for enlightenment, or to touch the peak of life, it bubbles up sometimes. It goes too high, I get tears in my eyes, and then it shuts down. My question is how to keep that longing constantly high so that I can touch the peak of my life constantly?  

5:59 min

Time travel


What is your take on time travel?  

4:28 min

Is dharma definite?


My question to you is, is dharma definite? If it is not, does it make an opportunist?