Can a negative energy harm a positive energy?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Rakul Preet Singh


In today’s competitive world. Or where people really think that you need to, you know, there’s cut throat competition. And you’re working towards it. And then there’s negativity. And say if someone is, for example, I’ll take an example of myself. I believe in completely just working towards your goal and being positive about it and not looking around on what’s happening, or what people are doing. So, there’s a certain positive energy that you are surrounded with. Does negative energy really affect a positive energy? Like, you know people talk about evil eye, or drishti, that in our Indian culture is so much. I personally don’t believe it, but you know, you hear from people that if you’ve done a good job, there’s drishti. You know, you should come and do this pooja and there are rituals that are followed. So, can a negative energy harm a positive energy?  


Duration: 11:19 min

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