Step 1 for everyone to start feeling that life is beautiful

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Sadhguru in conversation with Rakul Preet Singh


Whenever I’m talking to you, or listening to your speeches, or following you. It feels like life is really simple, you know. And it’s beautiful, it’s full of love everywhere. We are love, things around us have life. But, how difficult is it for people to understand that life is simple? And why do you think the smallest of the things have been complicated by the human race so much? Be it relationships, be it marriages, be it love, be it work. There’s just so many superficial things overcoating it. And people are just missing out on small joys of life. And they just don’t live life the way it’s supposed to be. What is it that you would say, would be step 1 for everyone to start at least looking into that direction of feeling that life is beautiful?  


Duration: 9:49 min

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