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Ranveer Singh is an Indian actor who is known for his work in Hindi films. The recipient of several awards, including four Filmfare Awards, he is among the highest-paid Indian actors and has been featured in Forbes India's Celebrity 100 list since 2012. In this 'in conversation with the mystic', Ranveer Singh explores questions around 'sensing the future' ...


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Sadhguru, do you dance?


Do you dance?  

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Sadhguru, you went for the world cup?


You went for the world cup?  

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Is sports all about winning?


You thoroughly enjoyed watching the football. But what do you think about, what is your take on sports? It’s competition, it’s, isn’t it based on one-upmanship? Aren't you telling young kids that it’s about winning, you know? As a child, I didn’t get any kick from winning. It was very minimal for me. I used to really just enjoy playing cricket, playing football. The process was so enjoyable. I used to enjoy competing with someone, but winning wasn’t, you know everybody used to be like you have to win. You know, teachers, my dad was like all about winning. But it was not for me, it didn’t resonate with me. So what is this whole thing about, like what should we, how should we inculcate sports in young people? What do you tell them? Is it about winning?   

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What is success?


You mentioned success. You know, and everybody, you know I’ve noticed everybody is trying to define success. Along the way, I came across a meaning that I really liked. It was, success is the magnitude of the beneficial footprint that you can leave on the society, i like that definition. One of the definitions of success that I liked. But what is your take on this concept? What is success? I mean, we’re here, is the purpose of life, are we here to procreate? If we procreate are we successful? How do you consider yourself successful?  

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What does sensing the future mean?


So today we are here essentially to sense the future. Now what is this? Why have we given this title to this session? Sensing the future. Now I’ve heard you before, saying, the moment right now is eternity. This time travel, past, future, is all nothing. Everything is now.  

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What is the role of technology?


I feel technology is constantly evolving. And I have a feeling that mobile phones have really changed the way we are. You know it’s having a huge bearing on pretty much everything. It’s permeating everything. Social media, mobile phones, this kind of technology. Like sometimes I wonder, were human beings ever meant to communicate like this? Like I could be hanging in a jungle in Africa talking to somebody who’s at the north pole. That kind of communication. I could face-time with them, now I can see their faces. But I’m saying I still have that capability thanks to technology. And with that now comes along social media. It’s really changing things, you know. And as, people who are, kids who are 18-19, are much more into it. They know how to use these things much better. Like I was born when there was landline, you know, so facetime is still a trip for me. So what is your take on mobile phone technology and social media? What is it doing? Is it the new evolution? Like, this is what human beings were and now we have a cell phone, that is the extension of us now.  

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Entertaining the people around you


I feel a compulsion to entertain people. Does that make any sense to you?  

19:40 min

Is the universe a dichotomy?


This is not my time of the day. It’s really early in the morning, you know it’s my time to be plugged into the matrix, to be in the rat race, achieve, achieve, acquire, acquire. And then something happens to me after midnight, when the day is over I become very relaxed. And then I have these existential thoughts and I start thinking about other things. And this thing always fascinates me, I find the universe to be in some kind of dichotomy. I want you to explain that to me. I know you can elaborate on it because I’ve seen you talk for so long on YouTube. I know you’ll tell me something. You know, there’s always light, darkness, white, black, yes, no, life, death. There’s always, I always find the universe to be in some kind of dichotomy.   

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Is being ecstatic the best way of being?


So then if peace is the basic requirement, what’s a better way of being? Ecstasy, ecstatic?  

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Have we become an intolerant society?


Sadhguru, there is a growing concern that we have become an intolerant society. Have we really become intolerant?  

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Sadhguru, how successful are your campaigns?


So Sadhguru, you said that we should not be the problem but a part of the solution. And I know that you are so committed and concerned about the rivers of our country. And you also basically try to engage the country, youth, various parts of the society. To really understand what this issue is, how successful have you been up to now in getting people to understand why they need to be part of the solution.