Is sports all about winning?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Ranveer Singh


You thoroughly enjoyed watching the football. But what do you think about, what is your take on sports? It’s competition, it’s, isn’t it based on one-upmanship? Aren't you telling young kids that it’s about winning, you know? As a child, I didn’t get any kick from winning. It was very minimal for me. I used to really just enjoy playing cricket, playing football. The process was so enjoyable. I used to enjoy competing with someone, but winning wasn’t, you know everybody used to be like you have to win. You know, teachers, my dad was like all about winning. But it was not for me, it didn’t resonate with me. So what is this whole thing about, like what should we, how should we inculcate sports in young people? What do you tell them? Is it about winning?   


Duration: 6:56 min

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