What are your views on making your clothes available to more people?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Sabyasachi Mukherjee


Namaskaram everyone. My name is Manasi. And my question is to Sabyasachi. And please forgive me if this is a politically incorrect question. So all of us, a lot of us, I’m sure, like unique clothing and clothing that we won’t be worried we’ll find somebody else wearing. But while your designs are great and I’m a big fan of them, the truth also is that they’re accessible to a limited set of people, being the Indian film industry. Actors and actresses from the Indian film industry and of course, people who are privileged enough to afford them. So what are your views on possibly, you know I understand there’s a lot of effort that goes into customized clothes so there are reasons that it can’t be made mass and it shouldn’t be. But what are your views on making them available to more women who like your designs but today can’t think of wearing them.


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