Is modern medicine’s approach fundamentally wrong?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Tracy Gaudet


Interesting, now that live in the veteran administration and I interface with the department of defense. I was in a meeting not very long ago, and someone from the department of defense said, 'do you know this, health in this country is an issue of national security'. And, I thought for a minute, what's he talking about, right! Because, eighty percent of people that walk into a recruitment office for the armed services, doesn't even qualify to be considered for service. 80% - because of their health status. So, the dominant medical paradigm is what you are describing, which is, we are having a disease that we have to fight. And, it's revealed in the language that we use. Anti-biotics, Anti-psychotics, Anti..Anti..Anti... The concept that disease sits over there and the job of medicine is to fight that battle and win.  


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