What’s wrong with our medical schools?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Tracy Gaudet


I want to explore the way we educate physicians in this country. And, there is a lot of research around this in the United States medical education, that we take caring, compassionate people into our medical schools. So, it does not look that our problem is our selection. People come with open hearts and with compassion and love. And there is a lot of data that looks at what happens one year into medical training, two years into medical training. What the studies show is that one year, two years into training, empathy and compassion into people that were empathetic, loving people when they came in, has plummeted. And, they self report that their medical care, not surprisingly, is different. You know, this is not surprising. I guess the simple way to say this is, I believe, if we can not sit with our own suffering, as physicians, we can't sit with the suffering of our patients. I'm comfortable dealing with your diabetes and hypertension, because I have the tools to fix that, I believe. And, I'm trained to do that. But, I don't want to even open the door, if I even knew what questions to ask, that might reveal your suffering. Because I don't know how to be present with that. So, I'd love your thoughts on that, those comments, and then, how do we begin to train and have our learners, our physicians and other healthcare providers put emotion at the same level as the intellect?  


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