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Vijay Deverakonda

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This is an 'in conversation with the mystic' with Vijay Deverakonda, who is a Filmfare Award-winning actor, producer and famous media personality. How do you have answers for everything? How can one get to a state where one knows all the answers? What is it that happened in your life that made you take this path? How to live consciously? How to stop ...


5:28 min

How do you have answers for everything?


My first question is, I’ve watched, I’m not as aware as you guys, but I’ve watched some of his videos. And I’m always surprised by how do you have an answer to everything. And, most of it makes sense. My first feeling was... And, common sense if very uncommon. That is uncommon, and I always wonder, how do you have an answer to everything?

6:51 min

What is it that happened in your life that made you take this path?


My next question is, I am the person I am because of various things that happened in my life. The decisions I have made, how I faced... Events happened in your life, and how you react to them is how I have become the person I am. I’m wondering what happened to you in your life to make you the person you are today. What is it that happened in your life that made you take this path? Or, why you are sitting there, and I am sitting here? Why you are giving the answers, and I am asking the questions? I am asking, what is it that happened in your life, that  you are like this.

3:13 min

How to live consciously?


From this conscious living and compulsive behavior, what would you like to tell us? Like, what is better for us, because we are all just reacting to.. everyday I am faced with different situations, and I'm just reacting to them, and I'm doing whatever is in my best interest. And, that is shaping the person I become, and I'm making these decisions consciously. Maybe, this... I'm doing compulsively, but this.. I don't care about. This doesn't affect my life in anyway. But, rest we are all making mostly conscious decisions..

2:38 min

How to stop hair fall?


This is the most important question that’s bothering the youth today. It’s not only our nation but across the world everyone’s wondering, how to stop hair fall? Do you have some solution to this Sadhguru?

8:44 min

Is the purpose of life to just live?


So Sadhguru, one thing I’ve thought about is, I don’t know much of life that’s past me, that was there before I was born. I don’t know what the future holds for me. I know of the life I have. I wondered if the purpose of life is to just live? And, to live it fully according to my whim and fancy. Because, this is one thing that I know, I have with me. So, my question is, was I right in thinking, that the purpose of life is to just live it fully.

8:28 min

Why can’t everyone just mind their own business?


One thing that has bothered me, Sadhguru, was why do human beings find it so hard to live and let live? I think, it is such a simple concept that, I will mind my business, I will be happy. You do your thing. Like, countries are messing with each other, religions are messing with each other, castes are messing with each other, inside families people mess with each othe. So why can’t everyone just mind their own business and be happy and do their thing?

6:33 min

Should one be patriotic?


So this is one question in the segment that comes from a boy called Babu Chetanya. So Babu wanted me to ask you, is being patriotic, or is patriotism good?

8:08 min

Why can’t I be proud of my religion, caste, skin color?


So his follow up question was, because I am born in this country and because it is giving me security, and support, if it is ok to be patriotic and if I can be proud to be patriotic, why can’t I be proud of the caste I’m born in? of the religion I’m born in? Of the race, color of skin I’m born in? If they are also giving me support. If they are being a smaller support system. Like, a caste is a smaller size of our country, or a religion is also. He is born into this caste, born into this religion. So, it is like, when they are also providing me this support, why can't I be proud into my caste. Because nation is divided on geographical lines. This is divided on caste lines.

20:12 min

Love or Money – which is more important?


‘All you need is love’ is a popular saying and I've been told by people that money is not the most important thing, love is more important. So my question is, is having a life full of love and not much money better? Or going for our ambition and working for our careers, making lots of money, but then maybe you don’t find the right person and you settle.

2:48 min

Whom I love, or who loves me – whom should I choose?


Shakespeare once said, everybody's somebody's fool. What it means is that, always in life there’s someone who loves you more than you love them and there’s always someone you love more than they love you. So a lot of people I’ve met are in situations where they have to choose between the one that loves them or the one that they love.

9:51 min

Does religion serve any purpose?


Does religion serve any purpose, Sadhguru?

2:07 min

Is it necessary to have a loud public display of religion?


One question I had is, do you think these these chants and prayers that are pushed over loudspeakers across religions, do you think it’s from some sort of insecurity or competition between religions? Is it necessary to have such a loud public display?

8:09 min

Is it ok to celebrate festivals publicly?


Since I was growing up, Ganesh Chaturti has always been that after Diwali it was my most favourite festival.... But now that we have made it this way, do you think that a rule passed by the government to use one Ganesha statue? It will have political repercussions so nobody will do it.

5:21 min

Should I care for my family, who doesn’t care for me?


My next question is from a boy called Ganesh Kumar. So he was asking, should I care, be concerned and put efforts towards family who don’t care about me as much? They are my family but they don’t care. Some people just aren’t grateful for having you or don’t give you acknowledgement for the effort you put in towards this. So should you care enough to continue putting this effort or should you just cut them off from your life?

10:48 min

What would you say to land grabbing allegations?


There was an overwhelming amount of messages coming especially from Tamil Nadu that were asking about the issue of land grabbing near your ashram.