Why can’t I be proud of my religion, caste, skin color?

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Sadhguru in conversation with Vijay Deverakonda


So his follow up question was, because I am born in this country and because it is giving me security, and support, if it is ok to be patriotic and if I can be proud to be patriotic, why can’t I be proud of the caste I’m born in? of the religion I’m born in? Of the race, color of skin I’m born in? If they are also giving me support. If they are being a smaller support system. Like, a caste is a smaller size of our country, or a religion is also. He is born into this caste, born into this religion. So, it is like, when they are also providing me this support, why can't I be proud into my caste. Because nation is divided on geographical lines. This is divided on caste lines.


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