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Yalda Hakim

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Yalda Hakim is an Australian broadcast journalist, news presenter, and documentary maker. Hakim predominantly presents on BBC World News, but her documentaries and reports can also be seen on the BBC News Channel and on BBC Two's Newsnight. This is an engaging 'in conversation with a mystic' between a journalist and a mystic on religion, politics and ...


2:22 min

What does the Jananam Sukhadam chant mean?


Sadhguru, can you tell us a little bit about that chant and what it means?  

8:11 min

What if death is imposed on you?


You just said, the worst thing that can happen is if you live forever. But what if that death is, then imposed on you? So, I go back to what happened on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka. And the attacks on various churches across Columbo, where 310 people were killed. I mean, what goes through your mind when you see this. Some would say, a level of evil inflicted on man by man.  

5:41 min

Is technology good or bad?


Do you think that technology is a good thing or a bad thing?  

8:48 min

How do we get to a point of consciousness?


Then tell us, how do we get to a point of consciousness? How do we not take our impulse from smoking to something else?  

1:41 min

Is it possible to leave behind memory?


Is it possible to shed or leave behind memory?  

2:08 min

Artificial intelligence


You mentioned artificial intelligence. Are you worried about the future?  

5:07 min

Are we living in the best time in history?


Are you saying that we are living in the best time in history?  

5:13 min

Are you worried about the global leadership?


Are you worried about global leadership though? I mean, you say, we’re living in the best time in terms of survival and technology. But, if we look at the global phenomenons at the moment. Even if we look at what’s happening in this country, with Brexit, and identity politics and people feel like they need to belong to a certain type of thinking or group, on either side of the spectrum. Is that not dividing us more and more?  

7:56 min

Kali Yuga


In Kali Yuga, is it possible to take the advaitic meditative route to try and get in touch with your consciousness, without a guru and the gurumantra? Or, should one pursue namasmarana and bhaktimarga as the way?  

2:35 min

Organized religion


So what do you think of organized religion?  

5:02 min

About Adiyogi


I wanted to know about Adiyogi. Because I've learned and I studied some yoga for years. And I never heard about Adiyogi, except from you.  

9:49 min

The science of consecration


Namaskaram Sadhguru. I would like to know about the science of consecration. And, if I’m worthy of knowing it, how do I go about it?  

8:49 min

Is there a final thought or mantra that you can leave our audience with?


I wonder if there was some final thought or mantra that you can leave our audience with, before they go home.