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What is your advice to young people?


I’m going to jump right into it. You know when you're this age, when you’re in college. When you’re just out of school, you’re in college, you’re under 25. Every little thing that goes wrong in life, feels like the end of the world. For example, a heartbreak. Breakups are bad, right guys?   Breakups are tough. Failing in exams, fighting with your family, getting in a fight, getting in a fight with your teachers, friends. At that moment of time, it just feels like the worst thing to happen to us. And then eventually in a few years, you get to a place where you look back and you’re like, I don’t know why I was stressing over this so much. But in the time that you spend stressing over these things that went bad, you end up doing more damage. Do you get me? Do you know what I’m saying? So what is your advice to all of us young people about this? You know, when every little thing that goes wrong in our life feels like the worst thing that could happen to us.  

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Does one get less creative as they age?


Does one get less creative as they age? And if yes, why?  

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Death is inevitable


You’ve said that, you know, death is going to come. Is that the thought you have when you are speeding in a car? When you are being the rider that you are, standing on the bike and you’re going through smokeland, hilly, dangerous regions.  

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What’s the purpose of driving fast?


So if there’s no adrenaline when you’re driving fast, or riding fast, what’s the main purpose of going fast? As a human being, we do things like, swimming, jumping, climbing, because we love the drug which is being produced inside our head. What is the whole purpose of going fast?  

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A story from Sadhguru’s childhood


Sadhguru, my second question for you would be on a more funner side. We know that when you were a child, you were a very quiet child. You didn’t speak much. But your teachers say that they looked at you and they knew you were always up to some mischief. We would like to know how further it was. We want to hear a story from then. We would love to know that.  

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Should one be goal-oriented or not?


I just wanted to ask. So if you’re not goal-oriented, I feel that you push your goal too. What do you have to say about this?  

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How to tell your parents what you want to do in life?


Also speaking of schooling, and parents, and careers. Right now, we’re in an age where there’s so many different offbeat careers coming up. As youtubers, we get this question all the time. You know, how did you talk to your parents about it? How do we convince our parents about this really new career that we have? I would ask you. If you had to convince your parents and tell them that this is what you want to do. Or how did that discussion go? Did that happen where you had to sit them down and tell them that this is what I’m going to do for the rest of my life?  

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What’s the responsibility of YouTubers?


I wanted to ask you one thing. As young entertainers, as you know we all have youtube channels and there are millions of people following us. Do you think there’s some sort of responsibility on us? Like, how to go about it? Or we should just do what we like to do?  

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Sadhguru, what do you do to unwind?


But Sadhguru, I really want to know, what do you do to unwind?  

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Sadhguru, is it true that if anything goes wrong with your bike or car, you’ll not let anyone touch it?


But is it true that if anything goes wrong with your bike or car, you’ll not let anyone touch it? And you will make sure it’s okay by yourself?  

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What is the difference between the youth of your time and the youth of this generation?


Hello Sadhguru. I wanted to know, what is the one major difference you see between the youth of your time and the youth of this generation? What’s one major difference? And what’s one quality you would want of that youth to be imbibed in this generation?  

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Mental health and spiritual health


I talk a lot about mental health with the youth. It is a word that more and more, I become uncomfortable saying. Because when you say mental health, you’re already separating the other holistic health to one that focuses only on the mind. Right? And when I talk about mental health, for me it’s body health, it’s spiritual health, and it’s not only the mind. I wear a shirt that says ‘breathe’ because for me that’s also connected to the body. The question for you is, can you talk a little bit about the connection between mental health and spiritual health? Because I see so many similarities in the way that you are experiencing the world, which seems in a very spiritual way. But I also don’t even want to call it spiritual because it would be creating a division between how to experience the world.  

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What makes us a human being?


I want to ask you one thing. What makes us a human being? You said we can get stoned whenever we want to. So what makes us a human being?  

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What is your advice to youngsters addicted to drugs and alcohol?


Sadhguru, my question is, I have seen youngsters. They are addicted to drugs or alcohol. They smoke. And I have even heard one of my friends saying, if I recollect correctly, that even Lord Shiva used to consume substance. And they take it as an excuse. And they imitate it, saying that even Shiva used to do it, why should we not imitate it? So that excuse that few of the youngsters use to consume substance. So what is your advice to them?  

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Is it more important to be right or be persistent?


I have a question. What do you think is more important to the youth, being right and staying with their point, or staying with the point, knowing that they’re wrong? But admitting that they’re wrong, they would be doubting themselves.  

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How do I achieve my goals?


I just want to ask, that there are goals that I want to achieve, and I also know that there are certain things I shouldn’t do that will hinder my progress. So I’m trying to find methods of accountability for myself where I can push myself and get that. As you said that we all are trying to win in some ways, but I’m not able to figure out methods of accountability within myself to reach that.