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I’m going to jump right into it. You know when you're this age, when you’re in college. When you’re just out of school, you’re in college, you’re under 25. Every little thing that goes wrong in life, feels like the end of the world. For example, a heartbreak. Breakups are bad, right guys?   Breakups are tough. Failing in exams, fighting with your family, getting in a fight, getting in a fight with your teachers, friends. At that moment of time, it just feels like the worst thing to happen to us. And then eventually in a few years, you get to a place where you look back and you’re like, I don’t know why I was stressing over this so much. But in the time that you spend stressing over these things that went bad, you end up doing more damage. Do you get me? Do you know what I’m saying? So what is your advice to all of us young people about this? You know, when every little thing that goes wrong in our life feels like the worst thing that could happen to us.  


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