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Ryan Gordy Memorial

Ryan Gordy Memorial

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Sadhguru answered a variety of questions at the Ryan Gordy Memorial. The #RyanGordy Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide the tools to empower people to live the best version of themselves. Through patient advocacy, wellness, education, disease prevention, as well as promoting and modeling positive behavior, the foundation ...


14:32 min

How do you know all the answers?


This is a must watch, Sadhguru simplifies some profound aspects of life. Sadhguru says, that compared to all life on the planet, we have the most evolved neurological system. We also have the most evolved psychological process. The psychological process is happening out of the information we have gathered from outside. The psychological process, is not related to reality at all, it is like living in your own individual world. This is leading you to treat the 'accessories of life' as life itself!

11:27 min

Were we created by God?


In response to someone asking Sadhguru - "were we created by god?", Sadhguru says, whatever answer I give you, you will only believe, but you will not know! Sadhguru explains, that the most important thing is to acknowledge to yourself, "I know what I know, I do not know what I do not know". Only if you accept that you do not know, the possibility of knowing will open up. So, you must realize the power of "I do not know"!

12:02 min

How to die gracefully?


Sadhguru tells us that the one certainty in our lives is that one day we will die! Though it is the only certainty, still we don't come to terms with it. Sadhguru tells how snakes, particularly cobras, when they know they are going to die, they will find a perch, and go there and sit for 18-20 days without eating, and they will die. If they have that level of awareness, we as human beings, must have the awareness of when to leave the body. So, we must learn to die gracefully.

12:48 min

What Is The Source of All Your Suffering?


In this inspirational talk, Sadhguru tells us, that the root cause of our suffering is our own psychological process. Although the human have the most evolved neurological system on the planet, and are the most intelligent species, and even though, today we live in a world which has comforts which have never been seen before - still we are suffering everything. Sadhguru tells us that our entire experience of life happens within us. Pain and pleasure, joy and misery, agony and ecstasy, light and darkness - all happens within us. Wellbeing and joy can only happen from within us. And, whatever happens within us, must happen the way we want!

6:22 min

How To Bring Up Your Children?


In this short but powerful talk, Sadhguru tells us that we have made education into an industry, and a child into an industrial product. Each life is unique, and we should strive to provide an atmosphere where this life will blossom. Sadhguru tells, bringing up a child is a 20 year project, and one must have the commitment and patience to nurture a fresh life. There are no ready-made solutions - it needs total involvement. A must watch for all parents.