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Mortality is the fundamental reality of our existence.


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  • Was Shiva not from this world but an alien?

    Many enlightened beings like Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Ram, Mohammed and many others have some sort of reference in history of their birth, or death or family or something. Shiva, as …
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    Sadhguru tells us that God has always been of our making. If we do not like one, we can create another. Ones ultimate aim should be liberation, which is the …
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  • Sadhguru Quote

    Success need not always be measured in economic terms. It has to be measured in quality of life.
  • Sadhguru Quote

    For one who has a clear focus on the path, mukti is just a question of time.
  • Sadhguru Quote

    Without transforming individual human beings, there will be no transformation in the world.
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