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Only if you are in touch with the innermost core of who you are, will you live a complete life.


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  • Snake Symbolism and Spirituality

    Sadhguru says – “The snake is one creature that is sensitive to certain types of energies”. Sadhguru explains the symbolism of Patanjali depicted as half-snake. He says, that fear of …
  • The Story of Markandeya Kalbhairava

    Sadhguru narrates the fascinating story of Markandeya and how he was saved from death by Kala Bhairava. Sadhguru explains, Kala Bhairava is that dimension of consciousness that is beyond time. …
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    Ganas were alwaya around Shiva. His private company was always with Ganas. The yogic lore described them as demented distorted beings. Why is it that they looked so different? Could …
  • Sadhguru Quote

    The intensity of your experience is more important than the immensity of your possessions.
  • Sadhguru Quote

    Guru’s Grace is not designed to fulfill your plans but life’s plan for you.
  • Sadhguru Quote

    One moment of absolute gratitude can transform your whole life.
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