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Speech is of the society.Words are of the mind. Sounds are of nature.The soundless is of the beyond.


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  • Dhyanalinga – The Significance of the Zero

    The whole creation is rooted in nothingness. It is from this nothingness that billions of galaxies and all life sprouted. Zero means, it’s limitless, and it can never be matched …
  • The Story – When Shiva Lost His Home (Badrinath)

    Sadhguru tells us the story of how Vishnu tricked Shiva and Parvati out of their home in Badrinath. They finally settled in Kedarnath.
  • A Natural Remedy for Dry Eyes

    Unless there has been some damage in the eyes, due to surgery or injury, causing the dryness, there are natural remedies. Some kriyas and yogas can activate the tear gland. …
  • How To Bring Up Your Children?

    In this short but powerful talk, Sadhguru tells us that we have made education into an industry, and a child into an industrial product. Each life is unique, and we …
  • Who Was Narakasura? Why Is His Death Celebrated As Diwali?

    Sadhguru tells us about Narakasura and his friend Mura, and how they fought many battles together. At his last moment, Narakasura realized all the wrongs he did, and said that …
  • What are my chances of getting enlightened?

    A meditator asks – “I am not pursuing enlightenment with hundred percent sincerity, because at some level, I am not convinced that this is going to happen in this lifetime, …
  • Sadhguru Quote

    Intention is one thing, execution is another. In your life, will you execute what you intend, or will you let things happen to you accidentally, is the big question.
  • Sadhguru Quote

    It is important to simplify the material aspects of your life so that the deeper dimensions of who you are can find expression.
  • Sadhguru Quote

    The Beauty of Motherhood is not a certain capability but willingness to include.
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